Vacation to Jubilee KB Beach

Its been a while we did not bring Lil' Danish to pantai... which is his one of the top list to visit... balik2 btanya babah kpantai...mama danish mau kpantai...sampai katilnya pun jadi pantai hehe... Since we are still staying in KB, its the perfect time to bring him to KB Jubilee Beach..
Danish by the name..Stood eargly looking towards the beach..
Reversed Reflection. Danish accompanied by his Mum jalan2 sering pantai..
The Happy lil' Danish..after a long awaited vacation list...
"Babah..Mama...LUV uuuuu...."
Hehee samakan senyum kami... :)
Rough Sea and waves..Not the perfect time to swim...
Potential oil field spotted by Lil Danish..could it be?
No to LITTERING..Love our beautiful beach..
"Eeahhhh..mana FISH Danish tadi ahh..."
1..2..3..hehe snap this 3 expatriate..kan balik kampung tah tuu..hehe
Playing the nearby Playground LUNCHUI-LUNCHUI..Hmmmm nda mau branti..
Back from Jubilee Beach..Danish got this strange Pantai FEVER hehe..
Overall its an enjoying afternoon to all of us...