Cuti Cuti Malaysia Part 1

Last week Danish & us had our holiday at KL.. actually we plan to visit KK via RBA but endup chosing to KL becoz of cheap fares via Air Asia and variety of discounted goods at KL cut the story short, i've post some pics during our vacation at enjoy & chilllzz..
Waiting to depart at RBA..our flight was at 8pm.. hmmm a night journey again.
Nene Bagus n Amit accompany us to the airport..
"Danish mau naik aooplan waahh...lajuu.." It was hundreds of passenger queing to get the front seat.. hehe luckily we have booked for the Xpress Boarding and enjoy the benefit of a VIP treatment hehe...
Our non-VIP meal Nasi Lemak..apa bule buat lapar punya pasal hehe..
Danish fall asleep when we arrived at Concorde Hotel around 12 midnight.. Actually its only for a short stay before we go to ParkRoyal Hotel in Bukit Bintang.
Jeng Jeng.. haha Danish called it a 'swiming pool'
Feeling the beauty of the water...
"EEeeeppp..jangan gambar..Danish syeksyi nee...".
Danish with his luggage showing us the way to the checkout reception..
After we had our breakfast we met this old man..may be he is an Islamic Scholars and we received good advice from him..he advice us "Read the Quran and understand the that you will get the fruit from it". Actually he was amazed with Danish after he received a respected salam tangan from Danish.. and he gave Danish a Vitamin sweet as a gift from him. May Allah bless him with Rahmat and Berkat..Amin.
We having a nap while waiting for our shuttle to KLIA to catch a low fares taxi...hehe exsen2 jeee.
This is our Superior Queen room at ParkRoyal Hotel...
The pathway towards the bathroom and toilet..
Danish showing his dance movement..Happy berabis ani wah hehe..
Its really hapenning at The Pavillion Mall..sales everywhere and showcase from Disney angels.. actually dont know what their name hehe.. but it did attract alot of shoppers including Danish..
Danish & mum.. Try the Nasi Beryani Ayam at Spice of really taste good and our rate is 4 out of 5.. mahal jaa hehe.. Danish patiently waiting for his turn to play the V-Tech Interactive Learning video game..but no chance at all, anak atu saja majak mcm tah ia punya hehe.. Our 1st day shopping spree at the Pavillion Mall.. nasib ada stroller Danish hehe.. At last Danish owned his V-Tech Interactive Learning video game.. Lapas main game tarus mengampai sama kawan baru Blur-Blur..
to be continued.. stay connected with our part 2 story...