Cuti Cuti Malaysia Part 3

Yeeaah.. at last i've got ample time to update my Lil Danish blog today pm.. hehe the bank gives us green light to return home early this afternoon due to power failure at our Kiulap Branch.. Anywhere as promise, we will continue with our final part vacation to KL.. hehe rupa-rupanya sebulan udah today..
@ Sunway Lagoon entrance
Riding on the Western Wagon Wheel...
Luv the artificial environment so much..
Vroom vroom..babah g kan main eh Danish hehe..
Danish with his special pool's Patrol Car...
@ the longest suspension bridge..
Lil Danish aka Gerard hehe.. on the way to Pavillion and LOT 10 for our last minute shopping..
On the way to the LCCT airport we had encountered:
Malaysia Austin Powers !! haha sama aniwah..p sayang Mini Me nda nampak hehe..
Ani lagi mahal.. siapa mau cheap Nokia headset yg latest version.. 120% clear punya haha...hos aquarium kliiaah.. LOL While waiting our delayed flight.. no worries dont have to que-que.. Xpress Boarders kliaah hehe..
At last we departed after an hr ++ delayed for the second time.. adakah patut labih 1 passenger dlm airplane haha..