The Return of Uwaa & Family

Last weekend, Nene Bayiet, Ngangah, Danish and us have the opportunity to get together at uwaa residence for makan malam sama2.. we all are very glad and relief by uwaa return after a month not seeing each other...
On the way to KB, Danish expressing his imaginary with his new ABC interactive book... "Babah..Mama..Lawakan Danish lukis ball..".
The icon of London..Red Double Decker bus.. While Danish showing-off his new Liverpool jersey.."baju apa Danish? Lilpool..Geyaad" Abg Waly, abg Hady & kaka Bazla payoff their zzzzzzz..masih g jet-lag hehe..
Our Liverpool jersey & goodies from uwaa..TQ uwaa...
On the way back to BSB on Sunday..we were caught again with an hour jam due to an accident at Sungai Liang..this time it involve 4 vehicles colliding nearby Soon Lee Supermarket... So guys be very carefull and fasten your seat belt at all time.."I know it, U know it, LETS do it.."