4th day of Syawal

The forth day of Syawal, Danish and we had planned to visit Danish Atuks at Seria and Pandan KB..our first visit was at Danish mum Boss in Jerudong hehe ada makan2 kliah...then we head directly to KB and guess what there was an accident at Sg Liang and causing us stucked at Kg Sg Paku for hours and queing almost 7 miles..huhuhuuh..beraya di jalan raya cheeeee...
The actual cause of the accident that claim an Indonesian life..pic from yesterday newspaper..
The jam ahead us...very looong wooo.. The jam behind us.. Danish can't wait with the long ques and decide to take off early hehe..
Danish mum playing around with our Sony Digi Cam.. While waiting..me & Danish mum watching our in-car movie " Wall-E"... the only new movie in car hehe.. waaaargh...still a long way to go & we r still moving like snail..
Yeaahh..we are free now..fuuh..it tooks 1hr +++ beraya di Jalan raya hehe..
Finally, we arrived at Atuk Pandan...
To all road user..always follow road signs and fasten your seat-belt.. Have a Safe Journey..