Happy Birthday Mama

Last Sunday 24.08.08, was the 22nd birthday for Danish's mum. No big celebration for her like previous year because most of the family member looking after Amit BB who was currently admitted at Ripas after a major backbone surgery. Wishing Amit BB get well soon and back with her blogging, amin2. Anywhere Danish and me bring the joy for the birthday-mum and we went to a Car Roadshow at Hua-Ho Yayasan to renew my car Insurance and then to Indian Restaurant 'Le Taj' for makan2..."Roti Teluu satuuu...hehe"
We have ordered Lamb Kurma (my fav), Masala Beef and Chicken Beryani. Our Rating: All 4.5 out of 5.
Birthday-mum & Danish enjoying their Papadam
Lemon Ping is one of my favorite, any restaurant we go i must order one and judging the quality & taste. For LeTaj, i will give 4 out of 5. Guess what, Danish drank almost half of it & left his super daddy crying for his ping ping hehe.. While waiting for birthday-mum, Danish counting his teeth "aaaaaa.."
Future Micheal Schumacer..
Met Danish cousin Adik Zaim at the Car Roadshow.. " Lakas tah Adik im lari-lari & main tapuk tani.."
"seek n hide" in the Ford S-Max, suka banar2 the car so much.. "babah balikan Danish"..eemmrm..
Birthday-mum & Danish heading to Ripas Hospital
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA... "Semoga dipanjangkan umur, murah rezeki & happy2 selalu bersama family, amin...." From: Danish, Babah & All Family